Our strong IT team combine market leading IT infrastructure, server hardware, software systems, and facilities with additional bespoke software applications to provide state of the art order handling, automated workflow, production process control, and logistics.

Order receipt and order progress notification processes are integrated with all the major software vendors in the photo gifts market and we are able to build additional plugins for further integration with any additional vendors using our specialist software development team.

Orders are received, checked, recorded, rendered, batched, and processed into print ready files through fully automated processes, 24 hours a day.  We monitor orders through our production workflow and despatch each order by their individually calculated carrier and optimal route according to their size, weight, and destination. 
Harrier LLC is integrated with all the major mail carriers, and has the resources to build interfaces to others as required.  The business rules built into the batching process, and a suite of monitoring tools, ensure that all orders are appropriately prioritised and despatched according to their pre agreed SLAs.

Our IT systems are particularly focussed on resilience and redundancy with our 50+ server farm arranged into pools of servers for each processing stage located in 2 independent server rooms in separate buildings, with a minimum redundancy of at least n+1 within each pool.  Continuous power is provided by comprehensive state of the art battery backup which is further reinforced by an automatic generator in case of unexpected power outages.  Air conditioning systems also operate on n+1 redundancy and gas drenching fire suppression is installed in both server rooms.  Internet connectivity is provided by 4 Internet Service Providers utilising 2 separate cable networks.
All servers, network devices, internet connections and core processes and monitored for a wide range of critical errors and early indications of potential problems with automatic alerting of any problems to staff on a 7x24 basis, along with further alerts for environmental conditions such as power, heat, humidity, and flood.