HARRIER LLC has always practiced active environmental protection

FSCMqs05mHarrier is concerned about its trading impact on the environment and continually strives to understand how this may be reduced. We have achieved and maintain certifications that underpin our commitment with the use of FSC® chain of custody certified paper in our products. Vital to our future understanding of Climate Change and Carbon Disclosure is our ability to comprehend the latest scientific data and global sentiment toward Green house gas emissions.

In the next 12 months we are putting in place robust measures of our Carbon Footprint and will be announcing annual reduction targets to demonstrate our commitment to the future and our customers' supply chain credentials.

Environmental protection is more than the prevention of waste that pollutes the ground, water and air, or the reduction of wastewater. Harrier treats environmental protection as a continuous process which integrates environment-friendly and health-protecting production channels from the concept to the implementation in all procedures.

Safety at work and environmental protection represent significant core competencies for Harrier, and we are expanding them to the best of our knowledge also beyond the legal requirements. In dealing with chemicals as used in digital printing, book binding and photographic processing, safety at work and environmental protection are directly linked with one another. Safety at work is guaranteed when using chemicals like toners, inks, solvents, glues, photo chemicals in the production process, in order to protect the workers. At the same time environmental hazards are being avoided.

Responsible handling of resources – waiver of critical substances and materials

In printing books mainly liquid toners are applied, thus the development of fine dust is excluded. When using ink-jet printing to produce selected digitally printed products such as pictures on canvass and photo gifts, water-based inks are applied. This procedure prevents the emission of volatile hydrocarbons. In the area of photographic processing Harrier completely waives final baths containing formaldehyd.